Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mime Video

Hai, we were asked to do a short mime video. For me this is very interesting task as it helps us to express our feeling without saying any word. This task also gave us more time to work together with our classmate as we need each other a lots.

This task also give us chances to learn more on using Video Editing Program to produce a video. For our group, which is me as the editor I am using Ulead video Editor. Although I never use this program before, with some effort I manage to learn and produce a basic video using this software.

The best thing about this task was, all the hard works were paid when my classmate enjoying this video so much. Madam Ira also love our video and gave us a handsome reward. 

In future, I will make education video for my children as I believe this alternative method of learning is very interesting.

 Ok, here goes our video. Enjoy!!!!

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