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For W1 lecture is about language and communication. As a teacher will be, to teach language is not an easy job. Its need true and deep understanding in the language that is going to be taught. And for this reason, I feel that this lecture is very important and one way to understand better is by blogging about what we have learned in class and searching for extra information.
Language is a code
Language can be defined as a code that allows us to represent thoughts and ideas by means of sounds/letters. This code has complex symbols with internal structure which is rule-governed. From this definition, we know that languages were used to deliver our idea to others and it has its own symbols which may be understand universally or maybe to specific audience. More definition on
There is a clear connection between language and culture. A culture itself influencing how the language to be formed. For example, in Court there is specific language code that we must use. For example “Your Honour” is use to addressing Judge. Another example in some village, there is some words were forbid to use or mentioned. Maybe that specific word was believed to bring bad luck. More information on
Language also has its own function for example to greet, to describe, to give opinion and etc. These functions are depending on the situation and many other constraints. Failed to use these function correctly may resulting in misunderstanding and misinterpretation.
 There is also vocal and non vocal communication. Vocal communication can be subdivided into speech and non speech. Non speech involves   physiological reflexes, emotion markers, voice quality differences, and paralinguistic effects.
While non vocal communication involving tactile, visual, olfactory, and physical. For further reading, you can go to these websites about vocal and non vocal communication.
For time being, I think I should stop and will write more. Leave your comment because I need that to improve myself to prepare myself to be a good teacher! Have a pleasure day everyone! =D

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